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Bodybuilding Vests

IRONVILLE Bodybuilding Vest Middlesbrough UK

Ironville Clothing Co., has distributors worldwide. Sometimes the terminology is different, based on geographic location. In the American market, we would refer to as mens "stringer tanks", or, "racerback tank tops". However, they are also know as a "bodybuilding vest", in places such as the United Kingdom.

The style of a bodybuilding vest is fairly universal. The thin back strap showcases upper back development. We tend to print custom bodybuilding designs as close to the front neckline as possible, as these particular bodybuilding shirts tend ride lower in the front, especially after the shoulder straps have stretched amidst a hardcore workout. By doing this, the design doesn't end up tucked in under your weight belt. Functional application!

Since 2005, Ironville Clothing Co. has offered a wide range of hardcore muscle vests and gym apparel for serious muscleheads, from the U.S.A., to London, England, and far beyond. We also strive to offer a wider variety of style options, aside from standard gym t-shirts. These muscle vests were always the perfect option that all body builders can relate to, regardless of location or culture. Bodybuilding and powerlifting apparel is a lifestyle item that only the true lifters can identify with.

Bodybuilding vests will continue to be a signature item here at Ironville Clothing. As we design more bad-ass muscle apparel, we'll also offer select designs in these vests for the gym, or even as a gift for a friend or fellow lifter. And we also have ladies workout apparel, should you seek the perfect muscle gift for the wife or girlfriend.

As our global acclaim has steadily grown since 2005, so has the threat of imposters. Please continue to report this misuse of any suspected Ironville knock off, as it allows us to maintain a stronger development distributor network, weed out the fakes and put these dodgy frauds on notice. MAS Body Development out of the UK is a perfect example.

We ship worldwide including destinations throughout Europe such as the United Kingdom from London all the way to Middlesbrough! And lets not forget these other great cities in the UK we ship to: Ashington, Darlington, Durham, Hartlepool, Leeds, Leicester, MAS, Newcastle upon Tyne, Scarborough, Skelton, Sunderland and York.

We'll continue to work hard at Ironville. Whether in the gym or at the drawing table roughing in a new hard-core design. It's because of customer response and feedback that we offer our bodybuilding vest as an optional body style. And we're always open to suggestions that will continue to make Ironville Clothing Co. the most desireable brand in the lifting industry.

IRONVILLE bodybuilding vest
IRONVILLE gym bodybuilding vest
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