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During their 2006-2007 deployment, I give you some TRUE Ironville WARRIORS of IRON! Top row, front left (to right); SSG Davis, SFC Jerrell, SGT Roman
Bottom Row: Left to right SSG Smith, and SSG Reyes

A big Ironville thanks to these brave soldiers whom proudly serve our country. The Ironville brand has never been better represented.

Ironville Warriors


With an extensive contest history dating back to the NPC Southern States National Qualifier in 1992, it all came together in a big way for Dexter Jackson in 2008. He won the Arnold Classic, Australian Pro Grand Prix VIII, New Zealand Grand Prix, Russian Grand Prix and finally the Mr. Olympia. He also hosts the annual Dexter Jackson Classic amateur bodybuilding show held in his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. Dexter has taken a break from competition in 2009, but we're sure he'll be back with a vengeance in 2010.

Bodybuilding Pro Dexter Jackson

Since his first ever win back in 1993, this former college football runningback has garnered several top-ten finishes and boasted many magazine covers. Melvin may be best known for his posing savvy on stage. If you're ever able to take in a night show or guest pose featuring Marvelous Melvin, I hope you have your video camera ready!

Bodybuilding Pro Melvin Anthony

A heavy favorite for the 2009 Mr. Olympia bodybuilding contest, Phil Heath has seen swift success in his destiny as a pro bodybuilder which only began as a Novice back in 2003. He has also been featured on the cover of several bodybuilding pubs, such as Flex Magazine. If you're new to bodybuilding, Phil Heath's name is one you aren't soon to forget.

Bodybuilding Pro Phil Heath

Victor's first NPC win in 1997 was the first of many. His rise to domination was never more apparent than in 2007 when he won his first Arnold Class title. This later lead to a 2nd place finish that fall to champion Jay Cutler at the Mr Olympia contest in Las Vegas. An Arnold Classic 2nd place finish to Dexter Jackson was a quick reminder that Victor Martinez is back to regain his quest of domination.

Bodybuilding Pro Victor Martinez

With a career that dates back to 1987, this longtime IFBB Pro has a track record of pro shows as long as your arm. (and as thick as his!) Chris also has many fitness magazine covers shots to his resume, including Muscular Development magazine.

Bodybuilding Pro Chris Cormier

The sport of professional bodybuilding may never again be graced by a more talented and multi-faceted individual than Chris Dickerson. In addition to being known as an accomplished opera singer, this IFBB Hall of Fame retired pro has a list of titles that would take up the rest of this page. Not only was he the first ever African American Mr. America title holder, he also the oldest at 43. Above and beyond the endless accomplishments worthy of mention, Mr. Dickerson is just a damn nice guy. Hats off.

Bodybuilding Pro Chris Dickerson

"Big Gus" is known by Ironville as one of the nicest, most personable pro bodybuilders we've met. A pro career which began in 1997, Gustavo hit the big time in 2003 when he has since boasted many well deserved top-ten finishes to his dais. If you see Gustavo at a show, don't be afraid to say hello. He's nice.

Bodybuilding Pro Gustavo Badell

During the guest pose-down at the 2008 Dexter Jackson Classic, Silvio was kind enough to show the crowd the difference between a pro vs. joe bicep. This 2006 pro of native Brazil has quite the massive presence on stage, and bright future ahead.

 Bodybuilding Pro Silvio Samuel

At the DJC show, 2008, the pro's of past and present all gathered at center stage to pay homage to one of the greats. The Sultan of Symmetry, Kenneth "Flex" Wheeler accepted a lifetime achievement award from the most humble of peers. Despite never having won a Mr. Olympia title, Flex was noted by Arnold himself as one of the greatest bodybuilders he had ever seen.

 Flex Wheeler Bodybuilding Tribute

Following an impressive 3rd place finish at the Europa Super Show in Orlando, Florida, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Darrem Charles stopped by the Ironville booth to grab a couple more hard core bodybuilding shirts and pose for a quick pic.

Pro Bodybuilder Darrem Charles

Former Tampa Bay Buc's & Bronco's runningback and bodybuilding fan, Michael Pittman knows a thing or two about Rollin' Swollen. Michael is well known in the NFL for his monster guns.

Pro Football Player Michael Pittman

Richard Lupkes is one of the few arm wrestlers out there with a winning record against both Travis Bagent AND John Brzenk. Richard stopped by the Ironville booth at the 2015 Arnold Expo to say hello. Look at dude in the background with the forearm envy...

Click HERE to watch a Lupkes vs Bagent supermatch.

Heavyweight Pro Arm Wrestler Richard Lupkes
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