Bench Press Shirts

Lifters far and wide are recognizing Ironville Clothing Co. as the best source for bench press shirt designs for in and out of the gym. Our bench shirts come in a range of sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL3XL4XL, and even a hefty 5XL. Check out our sizing chart by clicking HERE.

At Ironville, we go to great lengths to remain inside the minds of heavy lifters and bodybuilders when developing our distinct line of bench press clothing. In addition to hard-core bench press t-shirts, Ironville also has several items that simply bear the edgy Ironville brand. We understand as well as anyone how much time you spend at the gym throwing around the big iron, but sometimes you just need a more reserved look when out on the town or relaxing around the house. Ironville offers powerlifting shirts, Flex-Fit Caps, and knit beanie caps that simply don the Ironville brand mark. Ironville strives to match your mood, whether on the bench press platform, or back at home with your feet up. 

We at Ironville would like to take time to thank all of you for your emails and blog messages in support of our brand. It’s no secret that an approved brand doesn’t happen overnight. But thanks to our growing number of new distributors and repeat customers, Ironville is well on it’s way to being the most desired brand in bench press shirts and hardcore lifter wear.

I Got 99 Problems But a Bench Ain’t 1
We first launched this bench press t-shirt concept over 7 years ago and have decided to bring it back completely redesigned. 5 COLOR OPTIONS!

Heavy Metal Lifted Here
For most big lifters, heavy metal plays an important role. Whether it’s blaring through our headphones, or paused on a bent power bar resting on our chest or back. On this classic bench shirt, they go hand-in-hand.

Pushin’ Up Weight Till I’m Pushin’ Up Daisies
Weightlifting is a lifestyle, one which we all hope to maintain for a very long time. Get in the gym and keep pushin’ because you never know when that last set of the day will end up being your last set. This is the perfect bench press shirt for the occasion.

Triple Threat
 – Squat, Bench Press, Dead Lift
If you’re a 3-lift giant-killer, then you’re a powerlifting Triple Threat! Real lifters go heavy, and only the boldest step up to the platform for the “BIG 3”! Squat, Bench, & Deadlift. The rest are just details.

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