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$ Become an official Ironville Dealer $

Our distributor program is lucrative and easy to join.
Here’s how it works:
  • Register for membership approval on our main web site. REGISTER HERE  or  LOGIN HERE
  • Upon approval, log in and place orders at an industry minimum total of $500.00
  • When adding items to your cart there is a minimum quantity of 3 per item.
  • Please note: All embroidered items are not included in our wholesale program and will continue to display regular retail prices.
  • Orders are usually completed and packed for shipment within 3 business days.
  • Tracking is automatically sent (via email) once the shipping labels are created.
  • Double your investment on each item sold. Joining the Ironville Dealer Program is easy. First, click the link above to complete the online application. Once you’re approved, simply log in and begin adding items to your cart, just as you would on our main site. Shipping rates are calculated as you go, so there’s no risk of getting blindsided by the unforeseen shipping rates at the end. The dealer site is a great way to review our selection and quote your investment on each new order.
  • Web-wide potential (for customers outside the U.S.) There are more and more people buying clothes online these days. Anybody that’s either lifted weights or knows a dedicated lifter is a potential customer. Ironville has a massive presence online, both on social media and in the major search engine ranks. When someone discovers Ironville, from a specific country, the first thing they do is inquire whether there is a dealer that sells Ironville in that area. Hosting your own site is great way to benefit from our world-wide brand presence, and potentially earn exclusive status by making repeat orders over a period of time. After you become an Ironville Dealer, we’ll be here to help you increase your sales by recommending specific designs or products that are presently hot sellers on our own company web site. We’ll also provide inside information of forthcoming designs in the pipeline, as well as new product considerations on the way.

  • Who should participate Our Dealer program is perfect for providing a complementary product offering and an additional revenue stream to:
    • Nutrition store owners
    • Gym owners
    • Individuals or parties that host or attend bodybuilding shows, physique contests, powerlifting meets, arm wrestling tournaments and strong man events.
    • Individuals outside the United States that wish to open a web store.


  • Due to a non-compete with, web sales are only eligible to those in countries outside the United States.
  • International orders are subject to Customs inspection and subsequent taxes. We have no control of either of these things. Please do your research before ordering workout clothing in bulk, online. You might be subject to taxes, as well as special import licenses or Customs documentation, depending on your location. Due to these risks and variables, dealer orders are non-refundable. Should such an order be returned to our location, you will have 30 days to arrange an alternative delivery option, at he buyers expense. If no alternative has effort has been made, after 30 days, we will deem the order as abandoned.
  • Exclusive status will be considered if it is earned over a period to time. In order to be considered, you must place monthly orders over a 6-month period, Failure to maintain this frequency (after 6 months) could result to in revocation of your exclusive status. Once you reach this level, we will no longer accept submissions for dealer access in your country or agreed upon region.

Application is easy
To further explore our Dealer program and special pricing, simply click on the following link to register. We usually have new users approved for entry well within 24 hours. Our primary focus is concepting and designing cool, hardcore workout apparel for dedicated lifters, but also for exploring new garment and product ideas. We’re never too busy to review a potential Ironville Dealer application, so sign up today. Many thanks for your interest.


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