Powerlifting T-Shirts

Powerlifters far and wide are recognizing Ironville Clothing Co. as THE hottest feature brand in powerlifting t-shirts and all around bad-boy workout apparel. More and more world renowned deadlifters, benchpress champions and deep squatters are stepping up to the platform with the Ironville logo across their thick chest or wide back. Coincidence? Guess again. Our Powerliftng tee shirts come in a range of sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2X3X4X, and even a massive 5X. Check out our sizing chart by clicking HERE.

Ironville Clothing Co. was founded with several objectives in mind, one of which is to put more credit in the hands of the heavy lifter. Powerlifters toil in relative obscurity, which means few people understand just how much they’re capable of, or the efforts it took to get there. Ironville powerlifting t-shirts are designed specifically to help people recognize these achievements, as well as lifestyle behind it. It takes one, to know one, and that’s why every one of our hard core powerlifting t-shirts is designed and approved by lifters, for lifters. Plain and simple.

Our Ironville powerlifting t-shirts don’t specifically apply to only the competitive power lifter. Most bodybuilders also rely on a powerlifting style regimen when on a quest for new mass. Even 8-time Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman has been known to strap up a squat suit for a few heavy sets in the power rack. Bodybuilders and powerlifters alike can relate to the powerlifting method of training, whether for the sake of muscle mass or a personal strength goal. 

At Ironville, we go to great lengths to remain inside the minds of heavy lifters and bodybuilders when developing our distinct line of powerlifting t-shirts. In 2006, Ironville had the pleasure of sponsoring Team USA Powerlifter, Jason Beck on his quest for gold in Stavenger, Norway at the IPF World Powerlifting Championships. Former Collegiate National Champion and current Open Champion in the 220 lb. weight class, Jason Beck is known as one of the most consistent athlete’s in the sports. Training largely out of his garage in Gloucester, Virginia, Jason is all too aware of what it means to have the right mind set of a world champion level powerlifter. Jason’s input has helped Ironville to not only approve it’s latest lines, but establish it’s presence as THE premier brand in Men’s powerlifting t-shirts and women’s workout apparel.

With function in mind, Ironville utilizes only heavier-weight textiles when printing it’s feature line of bad-boy powerlifting t-shirts. The stock used to sustain the printed message is just as important as the very message itself. Whether locking in a heavy squat bar on your back, or awaiting the “PRESS!” command with the bench bar planted on your chest, Ironville powerlifting shirts of only the heavier weight materials that can endure the rigorous demands and daily punishment of a serious powerlifter or fitness athlete.

In addition to hard-core powerlifting t-shirts, Ironville also has several items that simply bear the edgy Ironville brand. We understand as well as anyone how much time you spend at the gym throwing around the big iron, but sometimes you just need a more reserved when out on the town or relaxing around the house. Ironville offers powerlifting shirts, Flex-Fit Caps, and knit beanie caps that simply don the Ironville brand mark. Ironville strives to match your mood, whether on the deadlift platform, or back at home with your feet up. 

We at Ironville would like to take time to thank all of you for your emails and blog messages in support of our brand. It’s no secret that an approved brand doesn’t happen overnight. But thanks to our growing number of new distributors and repeat customers, Ironville is well on it’s way to being the most desired brand in powerlifting t-shirts and hard core bodybuilding clothes.

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